Один мой друг подбирает бездомных кошек,
Несёт их домой, отмывает, ласкает, кормит.
Они у него в квартире пускают корни:
Любой подходящий ящичек, коврик, ковшик,
Конечно, уже оккупирован, не осталось
Такого угла, где не жили бы эти черти.
Мой друг говорит, они спасают от смерти.
Я молча…

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so 4 more

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"My mind is possessed by the word, ‘sucess’ . Something that I have to do and something that I want to do, I’m Gulliver, standing in the middle of them. Fuck it. I don’t give a shit.”

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IU is so kind~ ^^

iu preparing for her concert.

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Queens, our pretty Jiyeon and Hyomin will start their debut solo soon, please support them with all your heart ! Don’t forget how hard and stressful it should be for them, make them proud of their efforts and their work !

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Are monsters like h i m born that way,

or are they raised into m o n s t e r s?

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6/100 edit of jungli

6/100 edit of jungli

42-45/endless gifs of jung soojung’s perfection || in which sulli gave soojung a scare